Private or Agency

A private adoption is when an expectant mother or birth parent chooses to place her child directly with the adoptive parent(s).  In such cases, the adoptive parent(s) and birth parent find each other without the assistance of an agency.  However, in such cases, the adoptive parent(s) may not provide the expectant mother with any financial assistance, except medical, legal or counseling expenses related to the pregnancy and placement.

In an agency adoption, the expectant mother or birth parent places with an agency. In most cases, the agency will match the birth parent with adoptive parents, with each side having input on the match.  Through an agency, an expectant mother may receive help with her “reasonable and necessary” living expenses.

Open Adoption and Closed

The amount of openness or contact between the adoptive family and birth family can vary from completely open (with full disclosure of everyone’s identity and visits post-adoption) to fully closed (never meeting or exchanging any identifying information).  Most adoptions fall somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes and are unique to the needs and wishes of those involved in each individual adoption.

Interstate Adoption

When the expectant mother (or child if born) and the adoptive parent(s) reside in different states, the Interstate Compact for Placement of Children (ICPC) generally applies and the child should not cross state lines until approval is obtained by complying with ICPC, a set of laws adopted by all 50 states.

Embryo Adoption

Often mistaken for a type of adoption, embryo donation in Texas is not an adoption process, but is a type of gamete donation similar to egg or sperm donation.

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